February 28, 2011

The few, the proud, the valet service

February 27, 2011

Man o' war

Hundreds of Box Jellyfish found in Waikiki

February 26, 2011

"Aloha" Eikaiwa

February 24, 2011

HAIL in Hawaii...I can just hear the aluminum roofs now~

February 22, 2011


February 21, 2011

Cool down and have a beautiful Monday~ Aloha~

February 20, 2011

Take a look at this beautiful aroma defuser from Japan:) Aloha~

February 18, 2011

サマーファンinハワイ 2011 参加受付中です!


Famed Iron Chef guest stars on Hawaii Five-0

Famed Iron Chef guest stars on Hawaii Five-0

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Celebrities keep lining up for guest spots on Hawaii Five-0. First it was Nick Lachey, then Sean P-Diddy Combs. Now, the latest star with a guest role - famed Iron Chef Morimoto – who jumped at the offer to make cameo appearance.

Masaharu Morimoto wanted to keep his role organic. No pre-rehearsing for this reality star. Instead, he practiced his lines moments before they yelled, "Action!"

"I'm not an actor. I'm not a singer, so I have to do it natural. This is Morimoto. This is Masaharu Morimoto," he says

Okay, so this part wasn't such a big stretch for the Food Network star. He plays a chef … who's name is Morimoto … who loves karaoke. In the show, he sings the song, "What a Wonderful World", before McGarrett and Danno interrupt his karaoke session. They've come to the restaurant to investigate a fish that could contain evidence of a crime.

And believe it or not, Morimoto sees a lot of similarities between acting and cooking. He explains "I'm performing behind the sushi bar or kitchen. I have an open kitchen, so I make (food) so everybody can see the inside what we're doing."

The 55 year old watched the original Hawaii Five-0 as a teenager in Hiroshima, Japan, and when he opened his Waikiki restaurant last fall, he saw the show taping nearby. "I saw the helicopter. They're shooting, maybe first or second episode, and then, I asked, "What is this for?" and then (the response), "Hawaii Five-0".

The wheels began turning for a guest spot. Now, after just half-a-day of shooting, the Michelin-rated chef would even consider a recurring role.

I asked him, "So, which do you think is better, then? Having a Michelin star or being a TV star?" Morimoto thought for a second, laughed, and said, "Ahhhh, very political question. Both!"

A Michelin star rating is one of the highest honors in the culinary world, but now, could Morimoto be eyeing an Emmy? Only the Iron Chef knows for sure.

You can see what's cookin' when Morimoto's episode airs on Hawaii Five-0, Monday March 21st.

Copyright 2011 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

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February 17, 2011


...is good:)

February 16, 2011

ho~ betta hurry take in da laundry! ...too late


February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day~


February 14, 2011

"I like to get poke. I like to go to Zippy's. I like to go to Rainbows. I like to go to Sorabol"

One-on-one with Hawaii-born Bruno Mars

LOS ANGELES (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii-born Bruno Mars scored seven Grammy nominations, second only to Eminem.

Teri Okita sat down with the singer in a one-on-one interview from Los Angeles.

Life has definitely changed for Hawaii's own Bruno Mars.

"It's chiz-anged, is what I like to say!", said Mars.

He's had a string of hit songs and collaborations with some of music's biggest stars. Even legends like Janet Jackson want to work with him.

"I've been in love with Janet Jackson since I was seven years old so, Miss Jackson, I'm here waiting for you", said Mars.

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February 13, 2011

Oh no~~~ Here we go again...

Kamehameha Schools, community discuss North Shore plans

HALEIWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Visitors to Haleiwa town on Oahu's North Shore are familiar with the North Shore Marketplace. And locals are familiar with the large, empty field, adjacent to the rural shopping area, which hasn't changed much for the last several years. But change is coming, if Kamehameha Schools has its way.

The landowner is envisioning a residential village and a plantation-style town center for the area.

It's just part of long-term plans for the 26,000 acres Kamehameha Schools owns in Haleiwa and the vicinity. The vast majority of that land will remain in conservation and agriculture.

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February 12, 2011

Teaching hearts to your child on valentines day~

Valentines Day is a time of great joy and celebration. Everyone is thinking hearts and love.  People are wearing their red shirts and dress. Guess what, it is the perfect time to teach your child a new shape, the heart.  That is right a new shape, a new color, a new word and a new sentence.  When everyone is celebrating, your child can celebrate too.

At this time of the year, companies send special sale advertisements for candy hearts and flowers.  Everything on the page is red or pink.  Therefore, simply show your child a picture of a heart and say heart.  Allow your child repeat the word and point to a heart on the newspaper ad.  Find all the hearts and take turns pointing and saying heart.  Make it seem like a game.

After your child has mastered identifying the heart, point to a red heart and say red heart.  Find other red hearts and point to only red hearts.  You may be tempted to teach your child pink heart, please wait.  You want mastery.

Next, get a red crayon and say red.  Then, draw a red heart and say” red heart.” Give your child the crayon and let him draw something and say red. Give your child his own crayon.  Simultaneously the both of you draw hearts and other objects with the color red.

Finally yet importantly take your child to the store (Longs Drugs, Barnes and Nobles, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.)  At this time stores have many inflated helium balloons, chocolate covered heart candy, stuffed animals with hearts, and decorative valentine cards. As you walk through the aisles point to the heart shaped balloons and say heart.  Find the cards and look at the pictures together. Please remember if possible buy a little heart.

February 10, 2011

Bad girl, bad girl...whatcha gonna do~~~?

Hilo woman wanted on several warrants

BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Big Island police are asking for the public's help in locating a 25-year-old woman wanted on several warrants.

Sharae Lee is wanted for bail jumping, violating probation and violating terms of supervised release. She is also wanted in connection with several unrelated criminal investigations.

Lee is described as Hawaiian, 5-foot-3, about 180 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. Her last known address was in Hilo.

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February 08, 2011

LOL I totally understand...Do you? NTT?

February 07, 2011

THIS is a strawberry behbeh~

Believe it or not, there were BIGGER ones than this...

February 04, 2011

RAD chair stacking

February 01, 2011

Volcano blowin up...rocks flyin hea and dea...ash all ova da place...nuts

Japan volcano erupts with big blast of ash, rocks

TOKYO – A revived volcano in southern Japan erupted Tuesday with its biggest explosion yet, shooting out a huge plume of gas, boulders and ash and breaking windows 5 miles (8 kilometers) away.
The danger zone around Shinmoedake volcano was widened to keep residents safe. The largest eruption since it burst back to life last week covered wide areas in ash, shot boulders onto distant roads, knocked down trees and broke hundreds of windows in hotels and offices.
No serious injuries have been reported since the initial eruption last Wednesday, but public broadcaster NHK said a woman suffered cuts from shattered glass in Tuesday's blast.