November 29, 2009


No...not kisses
THIS CUTE TRAIN!!! Thank you Yoshi~! It's sooo cute!


November 24, 2009

What's going on?

Basic A-B conversation practice!

What is she doing? _____ is reading a book.

What is that guy doing? _____ is playing his PSP.

What are you doing? _______ am writing a letter.

Who is singing? _____ is.

Who is yelling? The _____ are.

November 23, 2009


Ways to ask for understanding:
(some slang included)

Know what I mean?

Do you know what I'm saying?

Do you understand?

Do you follow me?

Any questions?

Got it?

Ways to show you DO understand:

I see.

I understand.

I get it. / I got it.



Ways to show you DON'T understand:

I don't get it.

I don't understand.

What do you mean?

I don't follow you.

What was that again?



November 20, 2009

It's time!

Different ways to use "When"

Fill in the blanks!
A. When do you _______?
B. I usually _______ after I _______.
A. When did you _______?
B. I _______ last night.
A. When will you _______?
B. I will _______ tomorrow.
A. When are you planning to _______?
B. I plan to _______ next Tuesday.
A. When are you going to _______?
B. I'm going to _______ in a few days.

November 15, 2009


How's everybody enjoying this warm Sunday?
For today let's practice describing people.
Look at the picture of Pauly and fill in the blanks with words that describe.

1. What does Pauly look like? He's short, _______, and _______.

2. What else can you tell me? Well, he has long _______ hair and has a lip ring.

3. What is Pauly like? He is funny, smart, and a little quiet.

Try describing the people you know! Aloha~

November 11, 2009

Back to basics

Howzit everybody? Enjoying this rain? Since we are probably at home or somewhere hiding from the rain, why not brush up on our "Wh" questions~! Let's begin...

Fill in the blanks with words that make sense. Read the sentence and ask yourself...Does that sound right? Aloha~

1. What is this? _______ is a table.

2. What is that? _______ is a chair.

3. What's this? _______ is a pen.

4. What's that? It's ___ apple.

5. What are these? _______ are pencils.

6. What are those? _______ are books.

7. Where is Mr. Minn? _______ is over there.

8. Where is Ms. Green? _______ is right here.

9. Where's Randy? _______ is in the house.

10. When is the movie? _______ at nine.

11. When is lunch? _______ at noon.

12. How is the food? _______ is delicious.

13. How is your English? _______ is getting better!

November 08, 2009

The first Noel

Thank you Tomoka for my first x-mas present!
It's too cute!

*just a reminder...I know you all know but just in case:

"Noel" means "Christmas" in French.

I was born in August< (`Д`<)!!!

November 01, 2009

Last Jack-o-Lantern picture I promise!

OK! Halloween is over...I hope everyone had a great ☆Halloween☆!!! ...just one more cute Jack-o-Lantern for the collection. Here is YoYo♪ with his just finished lantern. Not bad for the first time!