September 23, 2009

The other side

Yo! Yesterday, I finally went to the other side of Enoshima. I usually go and pray at the main temple but never had the time or motivation to see the rest of the island. I was really surprised to see so much more! Just turn right before going up the will see a red bridge over you. Just take that road and you go to the other side.
Here are a few pictures I took~
The view from the path

At the end of cave #1

Turtle rock (on the way to cave #2)

At the end of cave #2 (it's fake...just for the kids)

September 13, 2009

"Simply Impassable"

"Don't you mean, impossible? No, impassable. Nothing is impossible." <---from one of my favorite movies. I wonder if you know it...

Try to answer these questions using the words below that help to express a "possibility".







1. Are you going out tonight?

2. Will it rain today?

3. Will we go to the beach this weekend?

4. Who will win the Giants/Tigers baseball game tomorrow?

5. What are you doing Friday?

September 10, 2009

Fill in the bl_nks

Another quick exercise to keep you sharp! Let's look at the keywords and fill in the blanks in the sentences! Use your own words and see how they sound.



You can (eat) with it.
You can use it to (pick up your food).

now you try...


You can _____ with it.
You use it to _____.


You can _____ with it.
You use it to _____.


You can _____ it.
It is something that you _____.
People usually _____.

red ink pen

You use it to _____.
You need it when _____.
You can _____ with it.

September 06, 2009

I think I can...

Hey guys! Try to fill in the blanks using one of these phrases:
(Some can be used more than once...but the meaning changes)

good at
know how to

1. ______ you play the guitar?
2. Do you ______ ride a bike?
3. Is Rick ______ playing baseball?
4. I don't ______ swim.
5. ______ you like pizza?
6. I ______ come to the party tonight!
7. I am ______ computer games, but I don't ______ fix computers.
8. Wow! You're really ______ surfing!
9. What do you ______ for a living?
10. If you ______, could you ______ me a favor? I don't ______ solve this math problem. Could you ______ it for me since you're ______ it?

sorry no answers for this one! :P