May 30, 2009

Q+A Practice

Hi guys!
It is important to remember the correct ways

to respond to a question.

Let's practice a little...

Are you a doctor? Yes, ____ am. / No, ____ not. (I/we/I'm)

Is he from Thailand? Yes, ____ is. / No, ____ not. (it/he/he's)

Is it time to go? Yes, ____ is. / No, ____ isn't. (this/it)

Is she married? Yes, ____ is. / No, ____ isn't. (they/she)

Are they here yet? Yes, ____ are. / No, ____ aren't. (we/they)

Do you need some help? Yes, ____ do. / No, ____ don't. (you/I)

Can I have this? Yes, ____ can. / No, ____ can't. (I/you)

Shall we go? Yes, ____ go! (we'll/let's)

Did she take your ball?
Yes, ____ did!

May 25, 2009

EEL cookies?!?!

Here are some unagi* cookies! Actually, there is no unagi in it...just the name i guess. Thank you very much ASUKA! I'll eat them tomorrow~!YUMMY~~~!
*unagi = freshwater eel
anago = saltwater eel


May 23, 2009

Custom made!

Check out my custom made shoes! Aren't they cool?
Sorry, these are not available in stores:)
Thank you Momo and Yu~~~! I'll wear them everyday!

May 21, 2009

Just business

Let's try offering people things! BUSINESS STYLE!



Would you like some coffee?

How about a glass of water?

Here. Have a/some . . .

Would you like one of these?

Can I get you something?

You want a drink?


Would you care for some . . .

Would you like to try . . .

Let me offer you . . .

Let me get you a/some . . .


No, thank you.

Yes, please.

Sure. Thanks.

Okay. Thanks.

I really shouldn't. But OK!

No. Thanks anyway.

Juice would be fine.

Here is Souta getting down to "business"...

May 17, 2009

Just ask

Get to know people

1. When is your birthday? August 4th.

2. What year? 1979.

3. Were you born and raised here? No. I wasn't.

4. Did Randall grow up here? Yes, he did.

5. Where did Amandine go to school? In France.

6. Which university did Patrick go to? The University of Hawaii.

7. When will she graduate? Next April.

8. When did they get married? They got married in June.

9. When was your son born? Two months ago.

10. What day is your wedding anniversary? It's July 17th

How about you?

I was born in __________ in __________.
I attended elementary school in _______________.
I graduated from _______________High School.

Aloha Eikaiwa Summer Fun 2008 Holomua Elementary School

May 15, 2009

Ajisai = Hydrangea

This is a picture of the Ajisai in the office. Pretty right?
I have actually never seen or heard of this plant before
coming to Japan. Hydrangea? Very nice!

May 12, 2009

Gotta catch um' all!

I've almost got all the Dragonball figures!
Thank you Nao and Mommy for helping me!

May 11, 2009

Express yourself!

Can you guess which expression is best used in these situations?

someone is arriving:

You havent seen someone in a very long time...What do you say?

a. Nice to meet you.
b. Have a nice trip
c. Long time no see!

someone is leaving:

You are seeing you friend off at the airport...What do you say?

a. Welcome back!
b. Have a nice trip!
c. Congratulations!


Someone has a big test tomorrow...What do you say?

a. Good luck!
b. Keep up the good work!
c. Come in.

May 09, 2009


Delicious "cookies" from Shizuoka! Also, does it really say "cha" in Kanji? Looks very different:P Thank you Tomoka~!

May 07, 2009

"Wh" practice

If you are able to understand and use in conversation all "Wh" question words, you can pretty much speak English... pretty much. Lets practice!

Who is coming to the party?

What are you going to eat tonight?

Where did you go during Golden Week?

When is your hair salon appointment?

Why is rocky road ice cream so good?

How much sugar do you want in your coffee?

Now you try to make questions!

*Students please email your questions to me and I'll correct them:)

How much do I like Dragonball? Too much...