August 20, 2009

Thank You Ewa Beach Elementary!

A big Mahalo to Ewa Beach Elementary and all of her staff for giving us a great summer experience! Especially the loving teachers and students who took us into their classrooms with open arms and showed us the love and caring that is local Hawaii. Keep up the great work and hope to see you all next year! Aloha~!
^Mrs. Parnell^

^Ms. Cadiente^

^Ms. Pelayan^

^Ms. Tagomori^

^Ms. Sato^

^Ms. Kanai^

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Friday 8/14

Last day for summer fun! So sad it's the last day...but no worry because today is loaded! First, a little local style breakfast at Uncle Noel's, then straight to Dole Plantation for the WORLD'S LARGEST MAZE! We didn't beat the was too HOT! We needed to cool off so we went to WAIMEA BAY! <---the best beach in the world Only one brave soul dared to jump the rock...GOOD JOB MITSUKI!

August 18, 2009

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Thursday 8/13

Screamer!!! Today is a day I have been waiting for. The Honolulu Screamer!!! That boat certainly lived up to its name. Everyone was screaming and having a great time. I'm definitely coming back! Chee!

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Wednesday 8/12

Hump Day in paradise! No summer fun in Hawaii would be complete without a trip to Bishop Museum! The theme now is BUGS! The boys were excited about it...sorry girls. We also learned about how Polynesians traveled using the stars. In the end, the kids loved the science museum the most:)

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Tuesday 8/11

Tuesday! Beach Day! Here we are at Ewa Beach Park. This area is actually very beautiful and not known by tourists. Go Ewa Beach!

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Monday 8/10

Second Week! After school Monday, we all went shopping at Pearlridge! Just as I thought, POKEMON was the pick. Of course...

August 12, 2009

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Friday 8/7

TGIF!!! You guys know what that means??? Comon! I hope you remember! On Friday we went to see the Halona Blow-hole! After that, we went to Waimanalo Beach Park...BUT!!!, there were Portuguese man o' war!(jellyfish) so we had to try two other beaches until we found the most perfect beach with NO man o' war...whew! At night we went to the
Twilight Zoo!!!

August 11, 2009

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Thursday 8/6

MOVIE DAY!!! Today we watched Ice Age at Mililani. Of course, we had to visit Fun Factory and eat Baskin Robbins first!^_^! After that we had the best pot luck/pool party at the Mililani YMCA Judo Club! Look at that boy swim! Thank you Mililani Judo so very much! That kind of kindness...only in Hawaii. Mahalo.

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Wednesday 8/5

Aloha! Today we went on Atlantis Submarines! Everyone had a great time. Even me! Weather was beautiful as always. Laters!

August 10, 2009

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Tuesday 8/4

Hello again! Tuesday report: After school, we went to Oneula Beach Park(Hau bush) which is right down the street from the school. I always used to come here to bodyboard and swim when I was in Elementary school.

Summer Fun in Hawaii - Monday 8/3

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay. Just a little peak at our summer fun program. After school Monday we went to the big monkey pod tree at the Moanalua gardens! We played football in the sprinklers, too! Aloha~!